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Welcome to Monkey Deals.

We are an Australian-operated online store. On our website, you will find various types of products. Our products range from your everyday home appliances to outdoor camping goodies. There are more than thousands of products to choose from. We promise to deliver every Australian the product they desire and we promise to deliver them with the best deal possible. No one can't say no to our exclusive deals.

What kind of products are you looking for? A big TV? Or a boat for your holiday? Here at Monkey Deals, you can buy home appliances, commercial goodies, sports and outdoor gears, electronics, and many more

We have musical instruments, soundproofing panels, photography equipment, digital audio, and video equipment in the Audio & Video section. In the Electronics section, we have all the smart gadgets and mobile and computer accessories. All products for your newborn and toddlers can be found in the Baby& Toy section. The Home & Garden section of our webpage is the dream of all home decor lovers. It has all DIY and gardening equipment as well as indoor decoration products. You will find more home decor products in the furniture and occasion section. The Health section has all personal medical equipment for home treatment and it also has beauty products. The health products are non-refundable for safety reasons.

Our exclusive deals include discounts on selected gears and occasional discounts on all products. Want a discount right now? Then sign up for our newsletter. After signing up you will get a 5% discount on your next order. It is a one-time discount. But don't worry, our newsletter will tell you whenever there are more discounts.

We guarantee you that all products we sell on our website are genuine and of high quality. You can always return the product within 7 days of delivery. Have any doubts then contact us and follow the procedure. Your satisfaction is our first priority.

We believe in our customers' satisfaction and thus we have all sorts of facilities for them. We have arranged a secure payment and product delivery system for our customers in Australia. Monkey deals are partnered with five Australian courier services to deliver products at the lowest cost possible.

The five couriers are eParcel, Aramex, Allied Express, Hunter Express, and Toll. Parcels are sent to these courier services according to their weight. The most efficient agency is to choose for your job.

Monkey Deals will conduct investigation and grant refunds for any damaged products you receive from these courier services. So do not be concerned about product condition.

Have any complaints about our service? Then contact us. Our customer relations team is always ready to have a chat with you. You can share any kind of opinion you have with them. The chatting hour is from 10 am to 6 pm. They are here to answer all your questions and clear your doubts. So don't be shy and start talking about your problems if there are any.

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