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16" Flat Free Wheel Barrow Wheelbarrow Tire Solid Foam 5/8 Axle Cart Wagon

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Tired of constantly pumping air into your wheelbarrow tire? If you have better things to do with your time than filling your tires with air, you need this 16-inch flat-free wheelbarrow tire from Randy & Travis Machinery. The gardening season will be in full swing before you know it, so make your life easier with this tire.

With this tire’s solid polyurethane foam core, a durable steel rim with steel bearings, you won’t need an air compressor or a manual air pump. There’ll be no more flats—so you can haul soil and sod back and forth as you plant, tend to, and harvest your garden.

Load your wheelbarrow down with veggies at summer’s end—this tough, durable tire can take whatever workload you put it to. Although it’s light in weight, this tire will hold up under even heavy loads—up to 150kg!

Features and specifications:

  • Diameter: 16in (40.6cm)
  • Tread width: 4in (10.15cm)
  • Rim: 8in
  • Hub: 6in
  • Ball-bearing axle shaft: 5/8 in
  • Volume capacity: 6.0 cubic ft
  • Weight capacity: 150kg
  • Material: Lightweight, durable polyurethane foam (tyre), steel (rim and hub), and sealed bearings
  • Colour: Orange and black
  • No air compressor needed—flat-free foam construction means it will never go flat
  • Tubeless tire that performs as well as an air-filled tire

Package Content:

1 x 16" Flat Free Wheel Barrow Wheelbarrow Tire Solid Foam 5/8 Axle Cart Wagon

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