Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
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Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

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Made from rugged 11-gauge steel, just like a full-scale pull-up system, this compact unit by Randy and Travis Machinery is optimized for ceiling and wall mounts. Once installed on concrete or timber studs, the pull-up bar will stand 30 inches from the ceiling or wall.

Material: 11-gauge, 1” x 2” steel
Depth: 30” from the wall or ceiling
Width: Use studs 16 inches apart or a custom width up to 48 inches between the brackets
Orientation: Horizontal or vertical. The support arm will stabilise the pull-up system
Mounting hardware: NOT included
Height: 7' 6” to 8' at the centre of the bar, but this is adjustable, depending on the height of the ceiling or intended athlete
Distance between brackets (Concrete): 36”
Distance between brackets (Timber studs): 32” or 48”
Colour: Black
Shipping weight: 37 lbs
Length: 32”
Height: 31”
Total weight capacity: 500+ lbs

Package Content:

1 x Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

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